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Spray Booth Cleaning

Spray Booth Cleaning & Maintenance

Atlas MIS have a wealth of experience in cleaning paint spray booths and spray gun systems used in automotive paint plants, body shops, MOD sites and all specialist paint spray operations. This service includes paint shop cleaning and the removal of overspray from paint booths, robot bays, metal flooring grids, walls, floors and all affected surfaces. We can also apply a temporary peel-able coating along with a variety of barrier based products, for paint spray-booth walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces requiring protection where paint over spray accumulation must be removed. These coatings can be used as a peel-able coating on steel surfaces to eliminate flash rusting or as protection on glass, rubber, cement, acrylic glass or plexiglas, aluminium and many other hard surfaces.

Atlas MIS also provide spray booth and paint plant cleaning as part of an integrated, managed industrial cleaning and soft service solution. All specified works are clarified and bespoke to each individual process set up. Often an initial deep clean is required to establish a base line of a clean environment. This service is available and further backed by a set of pictorial based before and after pictures, establishing the base standard with our customers and tailored to fit any budget restrictions. All works are carefully prioritised and scheduled to maximise customer production capacity and more importantly the standard of the finished product. MIS specialise in maximising the quality and RFT (Right First Time), minimising costly scrap and rework of a product. All specifications have a robust, proactive and flexible maintenance program. Within this are technical audit trails that build a history of production related issues to ensure the non reoccurrence of problems. MIS have an excellent consistent and reliable service built on trust, reliability and the consistency of their works.

Health and safety in these environments is paramount. All crews are trained on working at heights, confined spaces and gas detection. Part of our training involves simulated rescue procedures with our customers to iron out any integration issues on site. Permit to work systems, and isolation requirements are essential for the protection of our own crews and our customer reputation. These are further backed up by a technical but user friendly set of risk assessments and method statements. Furthered more by bullet point risk assessments and pictorial based documentation for PPE and equipment for the completion of any individual job. This service is available across the UK including the West Midlands and East Midlands region.

If you require any information on the cleaning of paint spray equipment (including the supply of cleaning materials and peel-able coatings), please use the contact form on our 'contact us' page and the correct department will contact you by telepphone or email.


Atlas MIS cleaning paint booths and providing spray guns
Atlas MIS painting booth cleaning
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