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Chemical Cleaning

Chemical stripping and chemical cleaning are sometimes necessary to reach a desired level of cleanliness. Atlas MIS ensures all responsible procedures are followed in minimising environmental impact when using chemical substances. Chemical stripping can be a significantly cleaner method than abrasive cleaning and is used to minimise surface damage. It is a useful application for softwood and other vulnerable surfaces. It is also an effective method of removing graffiti from wood, glass or plastic surfaces. Chemicals used are environmentally friendly and are deactivated by water. Other applications for chemical cleaning include the cleaning of heat exchangers and plate cleaning, tanks, pipes, evaporators, spray booth jigs, posts, grids and vessels. The quality of cleaning is of a standard you would expect from a business with national coverage, built on reputation, a member of the British Safety Council and a ISO 9001 - 2001 accredited company.

Pyrolysis (Oven Treatment)

Pyrolysis is the thermal decomposition of organic materials in a low-oxygen environment. Typical applications include:

  • Cleaning paint booth gridsJig StrippingStripping paint hooksRecycling Steel Rejects such as radiators, wheelsRemoval of rubber from steel partsCleaning moulds, nozzles, extruders, extrusion dies, hot runners and breaker plates

In the process of traditional burning-out of materials, the binding agents (plastic, varnish, resin, paint) will combust (due to the high oxygen content), so that the heating of the materials will not be equal. This unequal heating can cause damage to materials (internal cracks), leading to a reduction in quality.

A Pyrolysis Oven is an improved version of a standard oven. They afford a much greater degree of control as the parts are heated up in a more controlled way. Pyrolysis Ovens are capable of decomposing larger amounts of binding agents in comparison with the traditional burnout ovens, since no combustion can take place in a low-oxygen environment. This allows the temperature to be controlled at an optimal level, for an optimal period.

For more information on chemical cleaning, chemical stripping services or Pyrolysis oven treatments please contact us at Atlas MISís Birmingham Head Office using the email enquiry form on our contact us page.


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