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Drainage and Sewer Cleaning

Drainage Contractors - Birmingham, West Midlands & UK Wide

Our drainage contractors are experts in drain cleaning, maintenance and drain cctv surveys for commercial premises. We are able to offer emergency call-out and pre-planned drain unblocking, sewer line cleaning, sewer inspection and sewer drain cleaning. We can also provide regular drain cleaning programs to prevent the expense and disruption of emergency repair work at your business premises. This service is also available to commercial property management companies and commercial landlords.

Sewer Cleaning & Repairs

Repairs can be carried out through patching. The patch is placed over the damaged section under pressure and allowed to cure. This type of drainage and sewer repair does not require excavation.

We are also able to repair damaged drains and sewers through the use of sewer relining. This involves the fitting of a lining which bonds to the sewer pipe and restores the efficient usage of the sewer or drain. This is a fast, efficient and cost-effective repair treatment.

Sewer line jetting can be carried out using specially formulated chemicals which are designed to loosen, liquefy and degrade fat, oil and grease.

Our operatives can also use specialist tools to remove blockages from manholes, gulleys, clogged sewer, septic tanks and all access points which require the prevention of risk.


Atlas MIS drain and sewer cleaning
Atlas MIS drain and sewer cleaning