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Industrial Cleaning Supplies & Cleaning Equipment

Atlas MIS can supply and distribute a wide range of industrial cleaning supplies and equipment in the UK. Our range of industrial cleaning product includes anti-graffiti paint and sprays, specialist chemicals, protective gloves, dust masks and other personal protective clothing. We also offer a range of additional soft services, washroom & cleaning supplies and safety and barrier mats. MIS operate a filter management and filter change service for a range of industrial applications.

Cleaning Chemicals, Hygiene Supplies & Disposable Consumables

Our range of industrial cleaning chemicals include multi-purpose cleaners, kitchen cleaners, degreasers, glass cleaner, chemical strippers, floor seals and polishes. Heavy duty industrial maintenance cleaners and solvent degreasers are selected carefully for their ability to provide strength of cleaning with cost-effective pricing. We can also supply odour control and sanitising fluids for maintaining and sanitising washrooms, toilet facilities and other areas of your commercial environment. Mops, buckets and other cleaning equipment can also be provided in cost-saving volume.

Cleaning Equipment

We also pass on cost-savings built up over 15 years in the industry on the supply of cleaning equipment accessories. Our managed site clients can benefit from the convenient supply and delivery of floor cleaning equipment, floor pads, hard surface cleaners, paper products, disposables and many other cleaning supplies.

As the range of available industrial cleaning supplies are too varied to list here, and clients tend to benefit from our advice on the selection and application of industrial cleaning chemicals and equipment, please contact us with an outline of your requirements here. When we receive your contact form enquiry we will call you back, or if you prefer, email you with a response from the correct dedicated department based on your requirements.


Atlas MIS cleaning supplies and equipment
Atlas MIS cleaning supplies and equipment
Atlas MIS cleaning supplies and safety equipment