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Industrial Floor Cleaning

Atlas MIS can supply specialist floor cleaning technicians, machinery and floor cleaning techniques for all types of industrial business premises including: manufacturing sites and factories, machinery shop floors, storage facilities, distribution hubs and logistics centres. Areas cleaned include gangways, walkways, landings, staircases and mezzanine flooring. Our cleaning consultancy services apply scientific cleaning knowledge and methodology. Our position is to practical and safety conscious approach with a focused work ethic to all of our cleaning techniques and processes.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

We are able to apply a wealth of specialist experience to floor cleaning at shopping centres, retail parks, health/leisure centres, safety flooring, changing areas, hotel lobby and reception areas. This includes cleaning terrazzo floors, stone floors and marble flooring. We also deliver a broad range of hotel cleaning, retail and restaurant cleaning. Your business premises flooring can be protected from contamination and wear and tear via a range of matting for almost all environments, including safety & barrier mats.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Cleaning

Atlas MIS also carry out deep cleaning on commercial kitchen flooring. Applying the correct techniques when flooring can restore natural slip-resistance, leaving the kitchen cleaner and safer, reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

In addition to floor cleaning services MIS also provide a comprehensive floor preparation service.


Atlas MIS industrial floor cleaning and commercial floor cleaning
Atlas MIS commercial floor cleaning for any business or manufacturing permises