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Industrial Waste Disposal Services & Waste Containers

Atlas MIS are able to arrange the collection of industrial waste from all types of manufacturing and process facilities, including the provision of safe solid waste disposal, hazardous or chemical waste, paint plant waste and waste oil. We can also arrange regular supply and collection of waste containers for all types of commercial and industrial sites. More information can be found in the waste management section of this website, which gives more details on our integrated waste management services.

Waste Tankers & Collection

Our environmental services include the responsible organisation and supply of waste tankers to industrial and manufacturing sites. All waste is transported and disposed of via suitably licensed disposal facilities. All waste handing is carried out in accordance with The Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 34 (Duty of Care) and The Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. This can be carried out as part of a broader range of integrated environmental waste solutions.


Atlas MIS industrial waste disposal
Atlas MIS industrial waste tankers