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Safety Matting, Barrier Mats and Entrance Door Floor Matting

Appropriate floor matting can improve the safety and cleanliness of your working environment by absorbing water and trapping dirt. Rubber matting for example can protect surfaces and improve grip. Tak mats trap dirt contamination in dirt sensitive areas, other forms of matting reduce fatigue and stress of standing on production lines or presses.

Barrier Mats

You can help protect your premises from outside debris and the elements by having barrier mats in entrance wells. The barrier matting provided by Atlas MIS is exceptionally hard wearing and able to cope with heavy foot traffic. These mat systems are ideal for head offices and serviced office complexes, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, leisure facilities and shopping centres.

Laundry mats can be supplied which are designed to trap dirt and absorb water. If you require customised mats bearing your logo or specific design then please contact us so we can gain a better understanding of your requirements. We are able to supply a series of floor matting and safety mats which are provided to you based on your specific industrial or commercial needs. We also provide this as part of a wider soft service facilities management or integrated industrial cleaning and maintenance program.


Atlas MIS safety and barrier mats