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Soft Services - Midlands region, UK

Atlas MIS have created a fresh approach to outsourced soft services management. This encompasses the provision of every service which impacts on the effective day to day running of your organisations site. These soft services include a broad range of external work for industrial and commercial organisations including cleaning services, high pressure water jetting, environmental and solid waste management, commercial grounds maintenance, landscaping and drain surveys and jetting etc.

Facilities Management Services

Soft services available for commercial buildings include specialist floor cleaning, commercial painting, high level cleaning, internal building cleaning and commission cleans, commercial carpet cleaning, management of washroom services, window cleaning and supply of feminine hygiene sanitary ware and consumables.

Integrated Soft Services

The integration of these soft services into our clients working environment is supported by objective audit control, managed effective information, Health and Safety and meaningful KPI data. Comprehensive reports regarding service schedules, quality management and the implementation and confirmation of delivered services are readily available. The accountability and expertise of your MIS site manager and the transparency and reliability of our service delivery is reinforced by full IT reporting systems designed specifically for usability and tailored individually for our customer.


Atlas MIS soft services for commercial and industrial clients
Atlas MIS provides commercial facilities management for colleges, universities and schools
Atlas MIS clean off graffiti and excessive marking