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Technical Cleaning

Atlas MIS have specialist cleaning technicians who are experienced in the initial commission cleaning and regular maintenance of a range of technical manufacturing, medical technology and research environments. Clients who may benefit from these services include those working in pharmaceutical and optical sectors, electronics, aerospace, military, laser and fibre optic industries. National Health Service departments and bioscience sectors can also utilise these services.

Clean Room Cleaning & Maintenance

We understand that certain environments such as clean rooms rely on maintenance being carried out by people who understand the environment you work in, and that they are not an environment that should be exposed to a inexperienced cleaners. Our professional clean room cleaning service is available across the UK.

This service includes the initial assessment of cleaning and maintenance needs and the subsequent regular weekly or monthly scheduled cleaning, one-off cleans, post builder cleaning and commission cleans and also ductwork cleaning. Our specialist and highly trained team are mindful of client requirements, with programs built to control the impact of particles or fibres, micro-organisms or pyrogens, static electricity, chemical residues or out gassing. In short, we have an understanding of the many facets of contamination control and sterilisation, and only construct maintenance and cleaning programs which our clients can have complete confidence in.

Cleaning Consultancy Services

If you are building a new facility, we can assist in the design process in order to make it easier to clean. If you are taking responsibility for cleaning an existing facility we can assist you by carrying out an audit of present cleaning methods and materials used. This will enable us to assess whether or not present methods are suitable for your requirements. If required we can help you to re-evaluate your cleaning equipment, products, schedules and programs.

Computer Room Cleaning & Server Room Cleaning

Environments such as computer rooms and server rooms require specialist cleaning services. This is necessary to prevent any downtime resulting from dirt, debris, dust and static build affecting equipment. This service extends to Comms Rooms, Switch Rooms and data centres. Cleaning services include floor and ceiling void cleaning, carpet tile and floor tile cleaning, anti static treatments, interior glass, furniture, doors and ledges, air conditioning units and the cleaning of accessible hardware and equipment as part of a structured, pre-defined cleaning and maintenance program. We can also arrange advice on appropriate methods for eliminating the presence of zinc whiskers in server and IT environments.


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