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Creating A Clean & Hygienic Environment

Cleanliness in washroom and toilet areas are obviously important for hygiene, however they also have implications for your organisations image with visitors and in maintaining an environment that is acceptable to employees. This applies to public service buildings as well as in industry and commerce.

Regular Hygiene Cleaning

Depending on the degree of usage, it may be necessary to clean washrooms and toilets up to several times per day to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. Atlas MIS can provide onsite cleaning operatives to service these areas as part of a managed, outsourced facilities management program. If your own maintenance departments carry out regular toilet, bathroom and washroom cleaning, then we can provide the necessary support to carry out regular deep cleans on these facilities. This can include deep cleaning sanitary ware, small bore pipes and drainage systems.

Toilet & Washroom Deep Cleaning

Specialist equipment and materials are used to remove uric acid scale, mineral and organic build ups in toilet bowls and urinals. Detergents and high-pressure hot steam can be used to clean all surfaces and appliances, including toilet seats, tanks, hinges etc. Any sources of unpleasant odours can be eradicated. All toilet surfaces are sterilised to remove any harmful bacteria.

Hand basins are all cleaned and sanitised, with lime scale removed and bowls polished to an extremely high standard. Wall tiles are scrubbed, sanitised and disinfected leaving them immaculate. Air fresheners can be refilled or replaced as part of your maintenance program. Soaps and cleansers can also be supplied, including dispenser equipment. All walls, floors and mirrors are also cleaned to the highest standards.


Atlas MIS washroom and toilet cleaning
Atlas MIS toilet cleaning and washroom cleaning
Atlas MIS toilet and washroom cleaning