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Environmental Policy

Atlas believes in its corporate and moral responsibility to help ensure the future of planetary resources and environmental conditions.

Our aim, by selection, use and disposal of materials and services, is to achieve best value from all our assets by reducing the amount of materials purchased, choosing suppliers for their record on manufacturing from sustainable resources and minimising waste by reuse and recycling wherever practicable.

In concluding appropriate measures to prevent pollution and waste free systems, we will consult with both enforcement and advisory bodies to ensure legal compliance.

  • We centralise our procurement to ensure compliance with our environmental policy both in suppliers and the supplied materials. We purchase, wherever possible, from suppliers who comply with environmentally friendly methods of work, offer materials from sustainable resources and provide recyclable or recycled materials.
  • When offering services to clients, environmentally friendly systems are considered as first options.
  • Managers are encouraged to reduce the amounts of materials held and used, and to investigate alternatives that comply with the environmental policy for example to reduce packaging materials.
  • We maintain our equipment at optimum working levels to reduce pollution and prolong life.
  • A comprehensive vehicle policy has been implemented which has reduced the company‚Äôs carbon footprint, with a further commitment to continually reduce.
  • We establish waste handling and disposal agreements with subcontractors who can demonstrate not only compliance with current legislation but also an understanding of the philosophy of the reduction of waste by reuse and recycling. We insist on carriage and disposal methods that maintain the aims of our environmental policy.
  • We separate waste wherever possible to permit reuse and recycling options both in our office and contract situation.
  • We seek to conserve energy and, where possible, we implement energy saving systems. Through membership of many trade, professional bodies and ISO 14001 certification

Atlas constantly seek alternatives to existing systems that will enhance our compliance with our general policy to achieve best value from our resources whilst removing or reducing harm to the environment from our operations to help achieve our commitment to continual improvement.

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