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Hotel Cleaning

Atlas MIS have over a decade’s experience providing managed cleaning and maintenance services to the leisure industry, including corporate hotel groups and iconic buildings throughout the midlands region. This work includes kitchen deep cleans, high level window cleaning and external building cleaning, managed housekeeping services, mattress, carpet and upholstery cleaning. We are also able to provide specialist flooring cleaning including marble, granite flooring and reception areas.

We can deliver regular cleaning and maintenance for adjoining or complementing businesses within hotel complexes, including beauty and health suites. This includes regular and deep cleaning for changing areas, locker cleaning and leisure centre cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Atlas MIS are able to provide flexible and professional restaurant cleaning services to those adjoined or affiliated to hotels, exhibition and concert venues, and also to independent and restaurant chains. We are experienced enough to understand the needs of your industry and that there are certain times throughout the day when you need to have everything ready for service. We can cater for restaurants operating split shifts and 24 hour operations.


Atlas MIS hotel and restaurant cleaning
Atlas MIS restaurant and hotel cleaning for clients such as international hotel chains and hotels such as the Hyatt in Birmingham