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Hot Works

Atlas MIS provide a range of on-site and off-site hot works and pre-hot works as part of your managed services or as an initial one-off piece of work.

Welding Services

Our hot works service includes the onsite and offsite welding of machinery, manufacturing process repairs and plant. Work can be carried out on aluminium, cast iron, copper, ornamental iron, stainless steel, structural steel, tool steel, plastics and a range of other materials. Onsite pipe welding can also be arranged throughout the UK. Other specialist work includes the arrangement of precision grinding services, metal grinding and cast iron 'welding'. Brazing Services (which occurs at a higher temperature than soldering) can also be carried out, whereby a braze alloy is used to form a strong, sealed joint. Plant welding, vessel and tank welding can all be organised and carried out efficiently at your site. Metal stillages and metal grid flooring can also be welded and repaired, for use in manufacturing environments.

Metal Fabrications & Custom Fabrications

Atlas MIS are able to arrange for custom fabrications to be made for manufacturing and commercial clients. Metal stillages can be adapted or repaired or stillage manufacture can be carried out for the safe storage and movement of production parts throughout a manufacturing process. Metal grid flooring can be manufactured to fit awkward or one-off areas. Jig design and jig making can also be arranged at competitive rates.

Stillage & Grid Cleaning

In addition to hot work, part of the integrated services provided by Atlas MIS Ltd include the cleaning of stillage and metal grid flooring for manufacturing sites. This can include the use of high pressure water jetting and chemical cleaning.


Atlas MIS hot works including welding
Atlas MIS hot works and metal fabrication